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We Care About Remodeling

We believe remodeling comes from the heart. Whether you want our opinion on material, colors and options or you have everything figured out and just need the work done… we are here.

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Restoration After Disaster

When disaster strikes the home that’s when Roemer’s Remodeling & Restoration is at its best. Whether it be fire, flood or a storm disaster we are here to help and put life back to normal.

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Roemer’s Handyman & Servicing Co

We understand that there are a lot of services that need to be done around the house that you may need help with.

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  • These guys were amazing. We requested an addition of a half bath to aid in the selling of our house. The first buyers to enter our home after the remodel purchased our home. They were professional, flexible, and did an amazing job on the home addition. I showed a Pinterest photo and got an almost identical match to my request. Definitely use these guys for your addition/remodeling needs.

    Melissa Bock
  • The work RRR did looks great. Our job involved some significant repair work, and they took great care to do the job right. Kyle Roemer was in contact with us several times to see if we were satisfied with the work. He came back two or three times himself to put the finishing touches on the last bit of repairs (at his request, not ours). Very trustworthy and good to do business with.

    Caleb Benningfield
  • Kyle & his team were great to work with! They replaced our roof and Kyle, having prior experience in the Insurance business, knew EXACTLY what needed to be done in order for everything to go smoothly! Roemer’s handled all the paperwork, dealt with our homeowner’s insurance, and had our brand new upgraded roof installed in no time. If ANYONE can get your home repairs approved by your insurance company, it’s Kyle!

    Do not look any further for any home repairs, ESPECIALLY a new roof.

    Tyler Crowder
  • The Roemer crew took on a big job for us and got it all done in the time they said they would. Kyle remained in accessible throughout the process and his number one priority was making us happy. They are good people and do the highest quality work out there.

    Kyle Owsley
  • I got my 4 estimates to repair a leaking roof. The first 3 were so called professionals with low ball and an outrageous quotes. Thank goodness I went for a 4th. It was Roemer’s Remodeling and Restoration. I chose them due to the fact that they actually believed they knew the source of the problem. They did and fixed it with their professional staff. Take it from someone who has built hotels, restaurants, houses and town homes (who is to old to do it now). Hire these guys for any job they won’t do you wrong.


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